Larry Morris of Scottsboro High School gives response for Class of 2014 inducted in Montgomery. (Photo by Jay Sailors)


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Nominee Categories  

Coach: a person who has experienced outstanding achievement as a coach in AHSAA member schools. A retired coach is eligible for nomination after a minimum of 15 years of service to AHSAA member schools. An active coach is eligible after a minimum of 30 years of service to AHSAA member schools. (Service as a coach in the Alabama Interscholastic Athletic Association will be accepted to meet this requirement.)

Administrator: a person who has experienced outstanding achievements or made contributions to athletic or sports excellence while serving as an administrator in AHSAA member schools.  A retired administrator is eligible for nomination after a minimum of 15 years of service to AHSAA member schools. An active administrator is eligible after a minimum of 30 years of service to AHSAA member schools.

Old-Timer: a person who has had a minimum of 15 years of service to AHSAA member schools and has been out of coaching for 30 years or more.

Other: A person who has made outstanding contributions to high school athletic programs as a game official, media representative or other type of supporter.


Many individuals have made, and continue to make, outstanding contributions to the schools of Alabama through their extraordinary efforts as coaches, administrators, officials, news media, or supporters.  Because their extra efforts, dedication and desire have enabled them to excel in achievement, this excellence should stand out as shining examples for others to emulate.  In order to recognize this excellence, the Alabama High School Sports Hall of Fame has been established.

Nominee Qualities  

A worthy candidate shall have:

a.  Exhibited good moral and ethical character, as judged by acceptable societal standards.

b.  Demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities.

c.  Demonstrated a high quality of school, community and American citizenship.
d.  Demonstrated a level of achievement or service that stands out, from the ordinary or is slightly above ordinary.

e.  Achieved honors and recognition that bring credit to the school community and to AHSAA   member schools.

f.  Accomplished achievements in, or provided service to, an AHSAA member school

Nominee Regulations  

1. A nominee remains on the active list for three years, and then must be re-nominated in order to be considered again.
2. An inductee, if physically able, must appear in person at the induction ceremonies in order to be officially inducted.
3. If an inductee fails to be inducted into the Hal of Fame within a two-year period after being selected, that person’s name will be officially withdrawn from the list of active nominees and must be re-submitted for further consideration.

Corporate Partners  



Important Dates  

Oct. 15 - Nomination Deadline
Nov. 15 - Selection Meeting
Feb. 1 - Banquet Tickets On Sale
March 23 - Induction Banquet
2015 Schedule of Events

Nomination Procedure  

Nomination Form (Deadline Oct. 15)

1. AHSAA member schools, Hall of Fame Committee members and district boards may make nominations.
2. The principal of the member school making the nomination must sign the nomination form. Forms are available online in the member schools’ section (Form 30) and also at the AHSAA State Office.
3. A member school may make only one nomination per year.
4. A school whose nominee is selected for induction will be required to purchase a banquet table for 8 people in support of it nominee.
5. Nominations, accompanied by resumes and other supporting material, must be made in writing to the secretary/treasurer of the Hall of Fame Committee in are of the AHSAA, P. O. Box 242367, Montgomery, AL 36124-2367.
6. Two letters of recommendation should accompany each nomination, which should be submitted to the AHSAA prior to Oct. 15 of each year. Supportive data (newspaper articles, letters of documentation, etc.) may also be submitted.