2007 Class 1A Bracket


Bracket Facts
1. "Host" teams are shown in BOLD ITALICS.
2. Region winners and runners-up are "host" teams in the first round.
3. In the second, quarter-final and semi-final rounds, the team that traveled more times during the preceding
    round(s) will be the "host" team. If travel (number of times) in the previous round(s) is the same, the team
    on the top of the bracket will be the "host" team.
4. When teams from the same region meet, the highest seeded team in the final region standings will be the
    "host" team.
5. Number 1 region seeds will not match up until the quarter-final round.
6. Number 1 and 2 seeds from same region will not match up until semi-final round

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