Hoover's Aaron Hill slides into second safely past Thompson's Brennan Pritchard.  (Dennis Victory photo)


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Rule Changes, Clarifications, Updates  

Bat Decertified: The 33-inch Reebok Vector TLS baseballbat has been decertified. See details

Approved, Unapproved Non-Wood BESR Bats

Barrel Of Bats: If the barrel of the bat is aluminium and it has the BESR stamp on it, it is legal for one more season (2011).  If the barrel of the bat is composite, it has to be on the list at NFHS.org or be BBCOR stamped.

2011 Bat Rule Change (PowerPoint)

Team      Individual

Quick Dates, Facts  
Contests Allowed: 18 Dates 
        Plus  2 Tournaments

2015 Season
Jan. 5--Throwing Only
Jan. 16--Schedules Due
Jan. 26—First Team Practice
Feb. 16--First Contest
April 11--Last Date
       For Area Game (1A-6A)
April 18--Last Date
       For Area Game (7A)
March 22--North-South
               Nominations Due

2015 Playoffs
April 17-18--1st Round (1A-6A)
April 24-25--1sr Round (7A)

April 24-25--2nd Round (1A-6A)
May 2-3--3rd Round
May 9-10--Semi-Finals
May 12-16--State Finals
2014 Season
Jan. 6--Throwing Only
Jan. 27--First Team Practice
Feb. 17--First Contest
Contests Allowed: 14 Dates 
       Plus 2 Tournaments 

TRANSFER RULE  A student is eligible in the school zone in which his/her parents reside. Any student who completes one year's attendance at a school outside his/her home school zone and fulfills all other requirements becomes eligible in that school. (This does not apply to foreign exchange students.)
     A student whose parents make a bona fide move completely from one school zone into another may transfer all his/her rights and privileges to the member school that serves the area where the parents reside.

Basic Rules