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Rules Updates & Eligibility  

Uniform Changes Become Effective In 2016

RULE III, SECTION 21. CAMPS. Each day at a team camp (includes 7-on-7 competition) counts toward the maximum four days allowed for summer practice competition. Only eligible students may participate in summer competition or practice under the jurisdiction of a local school. (See Entire Rule)

FEATHERS IN HAIR CLARIFICATION: There is a new trend of having feathers affixed in the hair for adornment.  There are a few different methods being utilized to secure the feather(s) in the hair.  The question has arisen as to whether or not the wearing of a feather(s) in the hair would be in compliance with NFHS Volleyball Rules 4-1-5 and 4-1-6.  
        First, the feather must meet all the material and dimension requirements in 4-1-5.  If requirements are met, the feather could be worn if it is affixed to the hair by braiding or woven method.  It may be worn if affixed by a soft-yielding material.  However, if the feather(s) is attached with a hard, unyielding or metal material, it would not meet the requirements in 4-1-5 or 4-1-6.  The metal would be similar to jewelry and is not of a soft material.

 A student is eligible in the school zone in which his/her parents reside. Any student who completes one year's attendance at a school outside his/her home school zone and fulfills all other requirements becomes eligible in that school. (This does not apply to foreign exchange students.)

Quick Dates, Facts  

2014 Season
Aug. 4 - First Practice
Aug. 28 - First Contest
Oct. 14 - Last Area Match Day

2014 Playoffs
Oct. 15 - Area Brackets due in
         AHSAA Office by 10 a.m.
Nov. 1 - North-South
             Nominations Due
Dates Allowed: 
      Varsity 15  |  JH/MS 10


Past State Champions              Playoff Results

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