AHSAA Athlete's Pledge
  • I believe that athletic ability is a gift which requires daily dedication and hard work.
  • I believe in good sportsmanship, honesty and fair play, knowing that without rules there would be no game.  
  • I believe in education, without which I cannot achieve my full potential as an athlete or as a person.
  • I believe that anything which harms my body, my mind or my spirit lessens my ability to compete.         
  • And I believe that every person has worth as an individual and is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of skin color, uniform, or any other difference.  

    Therefore, from this day forward

  • I will dedicate my body, mind and spirit to improving my athletic skills, my education and work skills, and my character. 
  • I will refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, and compete honestly, fairly and by the rules in all that I do.
  • I will avoid abusing my body, my mind or my spirit with any harmful activity or substance.
  • And I will treat all people with dignity and respect, no matter what our differences may be.
  • These things I believe, and these things I will strive daily to do to the very best of my ability, knowing that by honoring this pledge, I will always be a winner no matter the score, and the world will be a better place because of my effort.   
    James E. Rotch
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