Process For Becoming An Official

 If you are interested in becoming an AHSAA official in the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Track, Volleyball or Wrestling, feel free to contact either Greg Brewer or Vanda Peppers at the AHSAA office.  The phone number is 334-263-6994.  Email addresses are: or When you contact us please provide your location in the state, what sport(s) you are interested in and a phone number where you can be reached.


Application and Registration Process:

All officials with the AHSAA must go to the Official Members Section and establish themselves in our database by filling out the proper ID form and creating themselves a password into the system. You then contact a local association and express your interest in joining their organization.  Once accepted into the local association, you must then pay them the $40 AHSAA application fee plus any local fees they may have in place.

The local association will be responsible for marking you paid locally on this system and will forward your AHSAA application fee to our office.  When we receive the fee from the local association contact person, we will mark you paid at the state level.  You will begin the benefits set forth within the coverage of the AHSAA insurance policy provided by the AHSAA for our officials.

You will then be eligible to begin the online clinic and testing process to complete your registration with the AHSAA.  In order to complete the registration process and be eligible to officiate AHSAA member school contests, you must make a passing score of 80 on this exam.  In order to complete the registration process and be eligible to officiate AHSAA member school contests as a Restricted official, you must make a passing score of 70 on this exam.

If you have any further questions about this information, please call us at 334-263-6994.

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