Championship Play Interruption Policy


            This policy, adopted by the AHSAA Central Board of Control, will be followed when championship play is interrupted or threatened by public health/safety concerns, acts of God or other uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances.  Necessary decisions concerning any circumstances that are not covered by this policy will be left to the discretion of the AHSAA administrative staff and the Central Board of Control.

            This policy shall be observed for all AHSAA-sponsored championship playoff events.

1.    In the event of school closings within two calendar days of scheduled playoff contests, the AHSAA administrative staff, in collaboration with the Central Board and playoff event personnel, will attempt to delay or reschedule the playoff contests without adversely affecting the next round of the playoff schedule.  Any part of a revised schedule may need modification.  

NOTE: For purposes of this policy, “closure,” “closed” or “school closing” shall mean that the local authorities of the interruption cause or Board of Education/Governing Board has cancelled all high school classes and school-sponsored extracurricular activities for a minimum of one calendar day due to a specific concern.

2.    Two-team contests: Postponed contests must be re-scheduled on the next available date unless the next round of the playoff is adversely affected. The failure of a team to participate would result in a forfeit.

3.    Multi-team events: If a revised schedule adversely affects the next round, the event may be played according to the original schedule. The failure of a team or individuals to participate would result in a forfeit.

4.    In the event that schools remain open, participants and teams shall be expected to play the contests on the scheduled dates.

5.    Information on any changes regarding AHSAA playoff scheduling will be posted on the home page of the AHSAA website (



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