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NFHS Rules Interpretations

2015-16 NFHS Volleyball Rules Change 
2015-16 NFHS Football Rules Change 
2014-15 NFHS Swimming & Diving Rules Change
2014-15 NFHS Spirit Rules Change 
2014-15 NFHS Basketball Rules Change 
2014-15 NFHS Wrestling Rules Change 
2015-16 NFHS Soccer Rule Change
2015 NFHS Baseball-Softball Rules Change 
2015 NFHS Track & Field Rules Change

Sport By Sport
Batter Interference With Catcher Added To 2014 Rules

Illegal Bat: The Marucci CAT5 33-inch model baseball bat is not in compliance under the BBCOR decertification process, according to the NFHS, therefore it is an illegal bat.

Non-Wood Bat Rule: All non-wood bats shall meet the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) performance standard, and such bats shall be labeled with a silk screen or other permanent certification mark. The certification mark has to be rectangular, a minimum of a half-inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color. There shall be no devices, attachments or wrappings that cause the handle to become flush with the knob. Moulded grips are illegal.

Altered Bats: Under National Federation rules, any equipment that is altered and does not meet rule specifications is illegal. Bats that are broken, cracked, dented or deface the ball are illegal. Treatments and devices used to enhance performance are prohibited and render the bat illegal. (See Baseball Rule 1-3-5 and Softball Rule 1-1-1c)


Play Continues Without Shot Clock In 2012-13

NFHS Ban On Concept 1 Shoes Is Lifted

New Rule Effective With 2012-13 Season:At any time during the fourth period of AHSAA basketball contests (regular season only), where one team gains a 30-point advantage, the timing rules will be set aside for the remainder of the contest and a “continuous clock” will be used. When the use of the “continuous clock” begins, the clock will be stopped only for time-outs or injured participants. This rule cannot be reversed regardless of the point differential.

Additional Rules Adopted For Helmets During 2013 Season 
Helmet Add-Ons Void Certification, Says NOCSAE

(USGA rules govern play except where local rules are necessary.)

Rules Help Line:        USGA Rules

"Soft Red" Eliminated For 2013 Season


Hit-By-Pitch Procedure Revised For 2013 Season

Swimming & Diving
2013-14 Rules Changes

(USTA rules govern play except where local rules are necessary.)
USTA Rules

Track & Field, Indoor Track And Cross Country
Pole Vault Planting Box Padding Permitted in 2014, Required In 2015 In Outdoor Track

Revised Rules Include Uniform Changes Effective In 2016

Forfeits No Longer Affect Wrestler's One-Day Limit In 2013-14

Other Clarifications
Spirit Rules: 2014-15 Rules Changes Focus On Minimizing Risk During Inverted Stunt

Camps During the School Year: (1) School teams cannot attend. (2) The Fifty Percent Rule is in effect if students attend as individuals. (3) Coaches cannot work on a camp staff if any of his of his/her own players are in attendance.

Athletic Physical Education Class is defined as a time during the school day that a sport has over 50 percent of the number of their athletes required to make up a team in one physical education class. During that period, no organized instruction may take place for any sport that is not in season. The only time a ball can be used is during a period of free play. Athletic P.E. should be used for weight training and conditioning and occasional times of free play.

Leaving The Team Area Ejection/Suspension: If players leave the team area onto the court or field and are ejected under National Federation rules, they will also be suspended for 20 percent of the team’s total number of regular season contests. A tournament would count as one contest except in championship play where the suspension would be in effect contest by contest.
Note: Any player who leaves the team area onto the court or field without being ejected under National Federation rules will be subject to applicable penalties upon review by the AHSAA.

Sports Under Jurisdiction has been established for new or emerging sports among AHSAA member schools beginning in 2010-11. These sports would be required to follow NFHS rules and regulations, meet all AHSAA eligibility requirements and use AHSAA-registered officials where applicable.

Spring Football Practice: If a high school holds a separate practice period for its ninth grade, it must be held during the allotted spring practice period of the school where it’s being conducted. Spring practice for any other grade level must follow the same guideline.

Post Season Play: Post-season contests are prohibited unless sponsored by the AHSAA. A team’s season ends in all sports when the team is eliminated from the state championship program.

Update In Football Tiebreaker for 2014 and 2015 will include two classes below and reads: The team whose defeated non-region opponents in class, in any class above or no more than two classes below
have the most victories if all teams involved in the tie play an equal number of games.
      If two teams tie for the highest winning percentage ahead of all others involved in the tie, the team that defeated the other in their required regular season game will be placed ahead of all tied teams. Then, if necessary, apply (a) or (b) as applicable for the remaining teams in the tie.

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